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It’s probably been drilled into you that education is the key to preventing online threats. That doesn’t always work. You run out of time, your workload builds up, and you forget! Choose WESTprotect, the program that’s always watching out for you.

Generes & Associates is now an authorized representative of WESTprotect, a cost effective solution which brings you information security expertise you didn’t think you could afford. In fact, you can’t afford not to. Now, enterprise security tools and services are easier and more affordable than ever. We’ve got your back.

WESTprotect’s suite of powerful protection tools include:

WESTprotect 411

You know that email you got but didn’t open because it just looked weird? Or, was it an email that you opened even though you knew you shouldn’t? By simply forwarding those emails to WESTprotect’s 411 you can quickly get a diagnosis of any threats.

WESTprotect 411

You’ve always been taught that the #1 best defense is educating yourselves and your staff to be on the look-out for threats. This is time consuming and threats can slip through. With WESTprotect’s SAFE (Security Awareness for Everyone) and PROTECT U, a complete learning management system for cybersecurity, your training worries are solved.

WESTprotect 411

Sometimes phishing emails get through and attachments get clicked on. WESTprotect’s LURE can be employed to periodically test by simulating real-life phishing attacks with accurate details and appearance. The resulting reports will tell the true story. Worry no more!

With WESTprotect’s suite of tools and services, backed by its team of industry and cybersecurity experts, you can be confident that your company will be protected from malicious software like ransomware designed to lock up your data until you pay a fee, to social engineering and phishing emails designed to facilitate the theft of your or your clients’ money.

FINALLY a cost effective set of cybersecurity tools is available to the small to large title and settlement agencies that will help you comply with ALTA Best Practices and let you sleep better at night.