About Generes & Associates

Generes & Associates
offers the most comprehensive
set of services to professionals 
in the title, settlement & escrow
Superior Technology
Combined with
Exceptional Expertise

Since 1993, Generes & Associates has represented Landtech Data Corporation providing sales, training, consulting and other services for the Landtech real estate closing, title and escrow system. Generes & Associates also offers Escrow Accounting Services, Digital File Scanning and Indexing Services, Transaction Management, 1099-S Services, Cyber & Email Security Services and Internet based Network Data Backup Services.   Our services are marketed primarily to title and escrow professionals across the United States.

Our primary goal is to contribute to the success of our clients by providing state of the art, user-friendly technology and professional services. We work with all of our clients “one-on-one” to assure the client’s proficiency in using our technology to further their business objectives in the most cost effective manner. Professionals new to the industry can particularly benefit from our personal approach.

Our management has a combined 50+ years experience in the industry and thus we understand that rules, customs and procedures in the real estate closing, title and escrow business can differ widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and we strive to provide our services customized to accommodate those differences.

Our Core Values

  1. We Help First
    1. We find solutions and ask questions later.
    2. Priority will always be to solve the problem.
  2. We Listen, Understand & Solve
    1. We listen carefully.
    2. We understand circumstances & details.
    3. We know which questions to ask and thoughtfully probe for understanding.
    4. Only upon understanding do we customize a solution.
  3. We Are Adaptable & Flexible
  4. We Are Disciplined & Focused
  5. We Are Self-Improving
    1. We are committed to self-improvement and each team member must complete an annual minimum continuing education requirement depending on job responsibilities.

Our Purpose, Cause, and Passion

Maximize Partner, Client, Customer Confidence. This means that our goal is to make our customers (partners, clients, etc.) super confident not only in us but also in themselves so that they feel assured that they understand their issues and have the best tools and information for accomplishing their responsibilities.