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The nation's most widely used Real Estate Settlement System, Landtech Real Estate Settlement System offers customers the most comprehensive and cost-effective closing software package available plus escrow accounting services, document imaging, and online back-up services. The Landtech Real Estate Settlement System automatically computes aggregate escrows, interest, pre-paids, all pro-rations, recording fees, APR and more. Landtech Support Systems offers free product demonstrations, on-site and online support and training seminars, and state specific upgrades.

The Landtech Real Estate Settlement System has received the highest ranking for Real Estate Settlement Software by the American Bar Association in its publication "The Real Estate Closing Deskbook" by K.F. Boackle. Receiving the highest overall rating of 10, the Landtech Real Estate Settlement System offers easy-to-use features offering flexibility to meet the needs of our customers.
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Landtech Support Systems - Lantech Solutions Real Estate Software
Real Estate Closing, Title and Escrow Software :.. Landtech Real Estate Settlement System is the only fully integrated system which includes all of the functionality needed to conduct a successful real estate title, closing and escrow operation.
Landtech Support Systems - Landtech Online
Landtech Online :.. A completely Web based version of the Landtech Real Estate Settlement System. It has all of the power, features and benefits without the headaches of having to maintain a server on which to run your local or wide area network.

Landtech Support Systems - First Trust Accounting Services
First Trust :.. Let First Trust Accounting do your monthly trust / escrow reconciliations and keep your auditor happy and spend your time making money. Your escrow accounting can be accessed remotely via the internet or PC anywhere!
Landtech Support Systems - Gulf South Document Imaging
Gulf South :.. GSDI can transform your files, boxes and drawers of closing files into easy-to-use CD’s which can be loaded onto your network for sharing. Up to 200 files per CD; and unlimited files on your network hard drive!
Landtech Support Systems - Retrocopia Remote File Backup
Retrocopia :.. The fully automatic, internet based back-up system. Retrocopia software is loaded onto your system via email or website. A complete log is maintained on your system for safe, reliable and effortless backups.